Our pro team jerseys are here! Get one for your self!




Buy our official controllers today with back paddles and trigger stops! We produce both Xbox one and PS4 controllers!


Going pro

We have attended the past 5 LAN events for MLG and UMG. Each event with a better placing. Where will AW bring us?



SvG clothing

In the next few weeks we will be showing off our new shop.

Win a Trip!

Win a trip to the next MLG pro circuit event. hang out with SvG management and players.



Welcome to Savage Gaming!

Savage Gaming™ is multi-platform gaming community that Provides A Friendly And Competitive Gaming Experience For Its Members. We Strive To Become a well known and professional organization  around the world. We Participate in Online and LAN tournaments, as well as showing off our skills to the online public matches. From casual gamers who play almost everything, to hard-core pros that want a rigorous training schedule as part of a team. Both extremes, and everywhere in-between, are part of SvG.


How we began

SvG was founded by an individual Kendall schuller in early 2010. We started playing with just a couple of friends playing competitive rules in Call of Duty: Black ops. We wanted to expand in traveling to local tournaments and representing our brand name world wide. It was our very first LAN event with a a team called SvG Collapse which consisted of 3 big named pros today where finished 4th place at MLG Providence National Championships. From then on out we secured some pretty solid sponsors to help us on our journey and succeed us to what we are today. Today we are proudly sponsored by multiply organizations.


Our vision 

We want to help gamer’s make their dreams come true.  We supply team’s that we pick up with funding to travel to events and represent us in major gaming tournaments. From local lan, MLG events across the united states to UMG events you will see SvG there! We not only want to be a known organization in the Call of Duty community but we also plan to expand to various other game titles threw time.

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